Friday, July 2, 2010

A spot of bright winter colour--Queensland Silver Wattle

We have 2 large Queensland Silver Wattle trees. They have been flowering for about 2 weeks and are amazing in their richness of colour and the fact they flower so early. In the middle of winter when it's frosty, freezing and short on daylength they are a source of brightness to the day and great uplift to the spirit as you walk out to the car in the morning feeling tired and that 1 degree bite to your body. Not much flowers this time of year but they are one of them.

These wattles have silvery grey leaves (really not leaves but phyllodes) and bunches of small soft fluffy butter yellow flowers about 8-10 mm in diameter. The scent they emit is delightfully honey-like and you can smell it a long way off. The flower stems look great in a vase by themselves or amongst other native flowers if there's something else flowering such as Grevilleas or Thryptomeme, but the smell can be overpowering in the home and I take the vase outside for the night.

Unfortunately they are invasive and classed a weed in many areas, and we really shouldn't have them....but I figure on our acres the place is so changed from the original vegetation it doesn't matter too much. Anyway they are a source of food for the native birds and insects so that's a good reason to leave them.

Tomorrow I will be getting ready for the monthly Sydney Collectibles, Vintage and Antiques Fair at Wentworth Park Greyhound Function Centre in Glebe on Sunday. I have had a stall there for about 3 and a half years now.

Time: 9am-3pm.
"Early bird"s are allowed in with dealers at 8am.
Entry costs: $5. $10 for early birds for the privilege of catching all the bargains and best pieces.

There are 2 eateries there and coffee and alcohol is sold also so it is a great day out. An incredible amount of stuff is for sale there and almost anything goes except probably large pieces of furniture. So to find something completely different to what your friends have this is the place to come! Spotted last month was Glen McGrath and family. You can sometimes spot the odd celebrity there.

I will post photos of the day on Sunday.

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