Monday, July 12, 2010

Becky Sharp's Vanity Fair Vintage Fashion Market Leichhardt, Sydney, Australia.

I am late in writing as my computer decided to give up the ghost so this is being put onto an old computer--not the same as a Mac but it seems to be working ok.
So this market as mentioned is on the 2nd Saturday of every month and last Saturday was again a good roll up. It was cold with hints of rain but the good thing about this market is that it's under a great old Town Hall at that. It's so beautifully restored and painted that it adds greatly to the atmosphere of the market. This photo below is taken from the front of the hall. The next photo down shows the side street--where the entrance to the hall is. Lovely tree lined streets and bush plantings allow a fresh and clean ambience to Leichhardt even though it's in inner Sydney. Have a look at those lovely trunks on the Eucalypts. Of course it's also a mecca for Italian restaurant lovers and some great coffee shops, so you're never short of good food when you come to this market. I have found the Mezzapica cafe just 2 minutes walk from the Town Hall in Norton Street serves great coffee and food with the best service and great fun baristas.
Here is a hint of what great clothing you might find at the market. This is from Grant's stall. He specialises in men's clothing and vintage style hand made jewellery. He has brilliant dress sense and used to be a window dresser in a past life so will help you choose very well. Oh god--that blue check jacket is incredible!
Suzy is cool and fun. She sells amazing dress jewellery and a lot of it complements her own flamboyant character. One great thing about the market is many shoppers and sellers come dressed in vintage clothing, so you really feel like getting into it yourself. Not that you need to go all out --one statement piece can be all you need to stand out from the crowd. Suzy is wearing a fine black pleated dress with a 70s faux leopard print mid length coat. Her black ankle boots are her own from the 80s and she dressed them up by adding fur around the tops. "I can't sew, so I just glued it on" said Suzy! I think the fur on those boots is a great idea and completely balances the look.
These shoes are from my men's selection. The grey 70s suede desert boots are in great condition. The blue "convict" boots are from Snoop Dog's range--not in production anymore, I believe. Those leather ankle boots sold to a young girl and the grey 80s smooth flat shoes looked very swank on the fellow who bought them--they are all the rage at the moment. I really don't know what to call them but they almost look like ballet shoes but lace up. There's also some brogues and 70s leather slip-ons. Vintage brogues have certainly taken off and look great on everyone I think. Teaming them with socks and shorts or a mini can give them a bit of an edge which is always good for something so traditional.
Judy collects ties and has been on the hit ABC show the Collectors. I've forgotten how many ties she has but I know it's way many. So--yes, you guessed it--she specialises in selling ties as well, but also has a great range of menswear. Her knowledge of ties is extensive so you will find out everything you wanted to know about your tie purchase from Judy. Her display is always en-tie-cing as well.
Gabriella always dresses immaculately mixing vintage with new. Her range of fashion items are also immaculately presented. She is wearing a navy blue 80s cropped military jacket with a wonderful feature high collar and gold buttons. Underneath is an 80s longline vest over a white shirt. They are accessorised with a gold belt, glam navy and gold cowboy boots and a slightly quirky off centre up-hairdo.

Hope you enjoyed a bit of a look at this market--I might throw up some more photos of it another day soon. Even better--put it in your diary for next month for a great browse if nothing else. However, I don't think you'll walk away empty handed--there is so much tempting stuff for sale priced from $1 to hundreds! As a seller I rarely leave home without a purchase myself.

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  1. Hi Liz,
    Really enjoyed this post on this market, especially your info on some of the stall holders.
    Is there a site I can sign up to for market updates? I want to make sure next time I visit Sydney I make sure I can visit.