Saturday, July 3, 2010

Delicious vintage leather

I am in love with these shoes and this bag. I adore quality leather that exudes richness of colour, strength, suppleness and the ability to show patina in an appealing way. I think it's harder to find this type of leather today.
I see something in them that still has us connected to centuries ago. This is what I hunt for--a taste of that rock solid connection with the earth and sustainability...hmmm.....but they are for sale. They will be at Mitchell Road Design Gallery tomorrow or Monday.

Those shoes have such a rich chocolate colour, don't they? Their shape is cute and a bit funky too and there is a hint of olde worlde to them--1880s, 1820s? Ok, so that's a big time difference but you get the drift. Actually I am having thoughts of Australian convict shoes by their simple shape, rounded toe and leather type, although I am sure the leather of convict shoes would have been much hardier, and the sole would have been leather as well. A hunt for convict shoe images revealed very little so I can't confirm my gut feelings. I have seen similar shoes referred to as "Prairie Shoes" on eBay--quite apt really--just that we don't have prairies here--I s'pose we call them plains.

They are by Candy. I've been reading that Candy started in 1961--so that's nearly 50 years ago. I was surprised. I remember them as a 70s/80s "down to earth on the cheaper side" brand. However when I look at these I see quality and comfort, which is not what many cheaper brands are about in the noughties. These shoes were worn and scuffed when I found them but after a clean and polish they look rich and have just the right amount patina. They have many years of life left yet.

This bag is by Martino. I'm guessing 80s/90s era as it doesn't have a mobile phone pocket and the lining is not synthetic. The leather drawstring bucket shape has long been a favourite of mine cause it looks good and is practical. This bag is roomy and stands well on a wide base. The rich caramel colour of the strong but supple leather is just lovely. I find these sort of colours calming--maybe because they remind me of food!

I thought I'd add this photo for some more winter flower colour. I was happy to see some of my bromeliads near the front door flowering a few days ago but didn't notice these two flowerheads popping up until today. The rain recently has allowed them to freshen up and greet us with a rich green and pink colour. I don't know their variety name--I haven't spent time finding out yet, even though I've had them for years. One day....

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