Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I was a very lucky girl last week to receive a beautiful thank you bunch of flowers from Lyn who runs Mitchell Road Antique and Design Centre where I am a stallholder. Emma and I volunteered ourselves to help with Grand Designs Live in Sydney. There were many others though supporting us behind the scenes to get this up and possible to do. A huge thank you guys-we could not have done this without you!!

We all have immense faith in the philosophy, setup and appeal of the Centre and feel invigorated by the new ownership of over 4 months ago. So it was natural for us to want to spread the word with enthusiasm and pride. We hope now many more people can be lucky enough to find us and see what we're about--namely the respectful and creative use of past treasures both large and small.

Thank you Lyn for my colourful bunch of gerberas. I found the tidiest spot in the house for them (believe me it was hard!) and they have cheered me up for many days now!

I took photos with flash and without and I actually like the without flash ones better. They have been lightened but I think they still evoke a slightly mysterious feel.

I am a collector of all things green and this area is part of my Australiana collection. I love the Depression green painted chest--it's heavy duty and very practical in the lounge room. There is also a green Barsony Flamenco dancer lamp which you may recognise from a previous post. The vase the flowers are in is 1930s Melrose pottery with wonderful moulded gumnuts decoration. Melrose is one of my favourite Australian pottery makers and gumleaves and nuts are one of my favourite Australian motifs on things.