Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mitchell Road Gallery photos

So--here are some photos of the Mitchell Road Antiques and Design Gallery. My photos aren't the best--the camera I use is a small Olympus 3.2 MP with a 3x Optical Zoom. I don't think the flash is powerful enough to give a good light in a large expanse of space with little natural light. Also I apologise the photos are not orderly--I am still trying hard to work out how to use this blog--and not being computer savvy am finding it a little difficult. Some aspects just don't do the commonsense thing for me.
The photos don't quite convey the real atmosphere the place has but I hope you get a bit of a feel of the place.

The first photo is of what you see as you reach the top of the stairs. I must get a street and entrance photo so you know how different the two are.

Second photo is of one of my stalls. As you can see I offer a variety of items so there's something for everyone. It seems to work for me and has for the last 5 or 6 years that I've been doing markets and fairs.

Third photo is a bit of a zoom in on the top shelf of the white cane stand. I adore the tin mushroom canister set and if only I didn't collect green things I would keep it. How much fun did they have with things in the 60s/70s?! Those colours and that design is totally popping out.
The next photo is at my 2nd stall where most of the vintage and retro fashion items are. I didn't manage to take a great photo of the whole stall so am focusing on smaller area shots. This photo shows a range of boots I have for sale. They seem to be very popular at the moment and being winter here are selling well. The blue Doc Martens are a wonderful shade--not the navy that is more common.

Photo number 5 is my favourite. That trendy leather travel bag --some call doctor's bag--is divine--but then I am a lover of old leather. It was pretty thirsty when I first bought it, but since a clean and condition it has come up very desirable. It still has the original label inside and was made in NSW probably in the 50s. Back then they were proud of the fact items were made in certain states. Now we rarely have something "Made in Australia". The crocodile skin effect is pressed into the leather.

Photo 6 is a little sample of the clothing pieces I sell. I have some good fur and leather pieces at the moment--all selling well for winter. The multicolour fur jacket you see is dyed in 3 colours in a diamond design. The shape is flattering too which can be hard to find with vintage furs. But this is something I always look out for--a good shape. The bit of denim in view are 80s frayed and faded high waisted Levi's shorts. They haven't sold for a while and I am surprised, given the popularity of faded denim at the moment. I thought they may sell in winter as they look great with tights, lace-up boots and a looong coat.

Lastly is my bit of romance and fun. The little blue clogs with flower are Australian pottery from the 50s--but are not signed. We had many migrants come here after WW2 and some went into pottery working. This pair were possibly inspired by Dutch immigrants. They are really cute I think.
I hope you enjoyed these photos.


  1. I love that tan bag.. mm
    I must come and have a look at it..

    I am following you now.

  2. Great! I have a follower. I hope it can be an interesting blog for you. The tan bag has sold though Lee--yes, it was too nice to last long but I do have others to bring in. Will probably do this in the next 3 days. And there are usually others there in other people's stalls.