Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today I've registered and booked to do the new Canberra vintage, and otherwise, fashion market called Fash 'n Treasure. What a great name! I wish I could think of great names like that.

Date: Saturday 17th July
Time: 10am-3pm.
Where: The Old Bus Depot Markets building, Kingston, Canberra, Australia
How often?: Every 2 months on the 3rd Saturday of the month.
Will it be cold?: Yes
Does it stop Canberrans from going out? No. (thank goodness)

http://http://fashntreasure.com.au/ - One girl's fash is another girl's treasure

Sounds a great market even though I haven't been--however, their organised and savvy recruitment and advertising seems to not suggest anything else. And the venue is excellent--being as the name says--an old bus depot that has been revamped. Every Sunday there is a general market on there which is also fantastic.

The theme is Formal Fashion--although as is often the case other items will be sold as well--but I will make sure I take some of the lovely formal outfits I have as well as some great warm and interesting winter coats and jumpers. Look out for some photos later in the week.


  1. hi there...
    i lurv the idea of your blog...very earthy-ish...and i think it reflects in your personality...

    lurv it!

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  2. Hey there Ushi,
    Thanks for your comments and glad you like my blog.
    Will try for some interesting photos on Saturday, although may be all in coats and scarfs with the freezing temps in Canberra!