Monday, October 10, 2011


Mitchell Road Antique & Design Centre is embarking on many new ventures--one of them is advertising. It took some thinking and organising but we eventually got a brilliant photographer, model, stylist and hair/makeup person to come over a Saturday not so long ago for some incredibly creative shots. 

I was overwhelmed watching this bunch work away and develop the dream that Lyn, I and some others had about the way we wanted to represent the place. I just knew that someone would be able to transpose this item prolific and very cool place into enticing creative dressing, decor and photography which has now become captivating advertising.

Thank you Carine, Jodee, Dannie, Vanessa and Anton.
Watch out for our first ad in the Love Vintage Fashion Show and Sale program this weekend! It's already downloadable from the front web page as pdf!

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