Sunday, October 23, 2011

GRAND DESIGNS LIVE AUST. Another successful event.

This past weekend Mitchell Road Antique & Design Centre were fortunate enough to secure a display space at the very first Grand Designs Live Australia expo. Emma and I were kept busy talking to people all day and night Friday, and all day Saturday & Sunday.  We were both not only impressed and pleased with the immense and positive response from the public to Grand Designs, but particularly excited by the same positive public response to our display and to the Antique and Design Centre.

Mitchell Road is a massive warehouse space that sells iconic and useful items that fit into the theme of Grand Designs--ie making YOUR personal space grand and unique whilst remaining mindful of excessive use of new resources.
Below is a handsome 60s era Chiswell brand sideboard with glass shelf display full of art glass, cats and bulls, and pottery.

Thousands of people were able to see what the Antique and Design Centre stands for, namely prolonging the life of the myriad of amazing items from the past and giving them a new, stylish and respectful future.
They were also able to pick up an information leaflet with vouchers for 15% off their next purchase and a free coffee and cake at the weekend coffee shop.
Below is one of the ever popular Barsony red flamenco dancer lady lamp with original 50s shade. I am always proud to say these stylish world renowned lamps were made by an Australian (George Barsony). The Tretchikoff print is another iconic and stylish 60s decor item in great demand.

Maps and map items are increasing in popularity. These look fabulous both in an industrial theme or a general retro one.

We also used the opportunity to meet some lovely new people in similar areas. Jason Mowen sources incredibly stylish, unique and beautiful vintage and art items to give you a choice for your decor that you know will not be replicated. Old School Industries completely revamps old unloved discarded pieces of furniture into sensational decor.


Emma and I were lucky enough at the end to get a photo taken with the main man himself--Kevin  McCloud! ---which I won't share with you due to it not turning out as great as I was hoping!

However our prize taxidermy rooster sure turned out great as he watched over the packing up!


  1. question: is that a live chicken? anyway this looks like it was a great event.

  2. Ha ha--no but I see it looks it. This was actually someones prize winning rooster in chook competitions.