Tuesday, October 18, 2011

LOVE VINTAGE Clothing Show Sydney great weekend

Well, the Love Vintage Clothing Show and Sale Sydney was another successful weekend just this weekend gone. It has been enthusiastically taken over by another organiser and the results of their prolific advertising was seen in the greater numbers of people at the fair.

 As usual it was exciting and inspirational seeing the lengths people will go to to dress in vintage--by this I don't necessarily mean perfect era replication although these are amazing as well, but there are so many others who are creative on another level--whether it is quirky and over the top or simply mixing it up with modern clothing.

Here is a picture of Dee. She is famous throughout all the Sydney vintage markets and fairs and her creativity and boldness is second to none. She is a fabric dye specialist and uses this knowledge to work magic with the many things she buys. Her eye for the different never to be used as is, is mind blowing!

I am also always especially amazed at the youngest generation and their boldness and good taste they have with vintage.
I was fortunate enough to have a representative of this enthusiastic younger generation as a helper for Friday night and Saturday. At 16 years of age this young girl impressed me with her keenness about vintage and her excellent taste in dress. She managed to wear 1980s with great style and individuality for herself. She was fantastic with customers--ever helpful and courteous. I felt very lucky.
Here is a picture of Sofia.


  1. Looks like a real fun day. Two stylish ladys in their own right! I love seeing how different people mix vintage clothing :)