Monday, October 31, 2011


The last weekend of October just gone 28th/29th/30th October 2011 was the biannual Canberra Way We Wear Fair vintage fashion weekend--Fri night--Sat & Sun. I always enjoy the positive feel of the Canberra crowd--they are fun, relaxed, courteous and really adore their vintage! There are not as many outlets in Canberra for either buying and wearing vintage so many feel they can come to this fair and soak it up. The wonderful displays that Fiona and Keith do are also a major attraction. This time it focussed on the Titanic era and clothing/accessories worn at that time.

I have to say though in great admiration again, the young crowd don't fear the wrath of conformity and wear vintage in the bold exuberance that comes with this "can-do/will-do" time in your life--I hope they continue on this path through their years.

Below are photos of a young girl in year 10 who came with her friends all dressed creatively in vintage. Mixing eras and styles is their trick that brings their look into an ethereal timeless space. This outfit shows a 50s straight skirt, a 70s paisley oversize blouse, 70s tie, black socks with 90s Docs. The bright red headband and lipstick focus her pretty face and the look has pizazz as well as an element of country prep. I can't get enough of this girl's look!

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