Sunday, June 27, 2010

Starting my first blog--yay!

How exciting--I haven't done this sort of thing before. Inspired by my favourite blog "The Sartorialist" and other great links from comments on there, I thought why not!

Not much more to say tonight after working out my profile--but in future will be mentioning about most of my interests and passions but particularly the markets I do and about my 2 fun stalls I have at the best "Antiques and Design Gallery" in Mitchell Road, Alexandria (Sydney, Australia).


  1. Welcome Liz..
    I am a huge fan of Vintage and also you neighbour.. ( i live in Alexandria too).

  2. Thanks! Glad to hear you are a fan of vintage--it is certainly becoming popular these days and rightly so. So much you can do with so many different things.
    It is esp cool you are in Alexandria! Great area--I love it.