Monday, June 28, 2010

My 2nd blog day-about the funky Mitchell Road Antiques and Design Gallery

Today was spent at Mitchell Road Antiques and Design Gallery in the Sydney suburb of Alexandria where I have 2 stalls. I look forward to going there and enjoy being there every time. The place has a certain vibe that is inviting, exciting and cool. This is not your traditional antique shop or centre. It is modern but not mainstream feeling. The people that visit and buy look engaged and eager--you just know most are looking for something different.

The place is also an auction house. It sits on a corner and is in a big old 2-storey industrial building painted a bright unmistakable yellow. The auction house is downstairs and the Gallery upstairs. Once you climb the stairs you are immediately surprised by the huge expanse of space completely taken up by an amazing array of wares. The many lights and lamps for sale create a happy vibe and each space's unique character invites you to explore further. The industrial structure of the building with its tin ceiling and old timber floors adds a respected ambience.

Even though the place has a modern funky feel it still manages to cater to many varied tastes, from the quirky to the weird to the traditional. There is antique, vintage and retro. There is Victoriana, art deco, mid century modernist, Australiana, Oriental wares, rustic and industrial wares as well as traditional china and glass....books, magazines, toys, jewellery, general modern collectibles, a lot of furniture and homewares as well as thousands of smalls. And to make sure nearly everything is catered for, there is what I sell a lot of--fashion, accessories and textiles.

So I spend my time tidying and rearranging, cleaning, putting new pieces in, and generally fussing over the stalls to make them look as great as I can. I am never 100 percent happy with the way things look but that's the beauty of it--having good reason to go back, usually twice a week! Oh and an easy chat with other stall-holders and staff is always good. Add a wholesome lunch and coffee from the refurbished pub or arty coffee shop and who would think I was working!

Tomorrow I will add some photos for a hint of what the place has to offer.

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