Saturday, November 13, 2010

Youthful Bohemian pzazz at Canberra

Boho, foho, folk, ethnic, tribal, hippy styles all in one.

Well, I am not always ready with my camera and to engage my mind when I see a particularly stylish person at the vintage markets and fairs. This is mainly due to my being new to this facet of blogging but also because if I'm busy with customers I can't drop them and devote time to hobby photography.

This time however I knew I had to do it--everything was right--my partner was there to help, I had been serving this group of slightly boho dressed people and had time to take note of their dressing. I have to confess I am a wannabe hippy and the 70s bohemian/folk/ethnic/tribal style of dress has always been my love and I often have elements of this style in my own dressing. So this girl impressed me immediately.

Sophie is 15. When I heard this I was amazed. I still don't have the dare and confidence to dress with such eager difference and natural taste. And when it comes to mismatched matching well I think she has done it extremely well. She told me she doesn't try too hard--just whatever takes her fancy at the time--and she does wear different styles also....obviously a natural.

Here Sophie wears all thrifted pieces--batik floral harem pants, 2-tone teal and brown brocade fitted jacket, fabric moccasins, a pop of colour with a royal blue longline t-shirt and to tie it in, a blue and white striped tie--no pun intended! Her green leaf earrings echo the pattern of the brocade.

Thanks Sophie for allowing me to stage your great look to the world.

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