Saturday, November 13, 2010

Canberra Way We Wear Vintage Fashion Fair


So... I'm late with this post, as Canberra's Way We Wear Fair was on last weekend. Yesterday was Paddington Vintage Fashion Market at the RSL auditorium.

Canberra again was a hugely successful fair with thousands enjoying the beautiful Albert Hall filled with incredible vintage items. Canberra residents obviously love their vintage as they oooed and ahhed often and came dressed in vintage of all sorts. The theme was the little black dress with prizes for best dressed and an historic exhibition of LBD's including many from the 1920s.

The next Canberra Fair is in May, however for those Canberra-ites eager for another vintage fix before Christmas there is the Fash n Treasure market coming up in 2 weeks at the Old Bus Depot and Marrickville Way We Wear Fair at the Town Hall on 10,11, 12th December.

The Albert Hall rear area.
The Albert Hall rear area looking out to Lake Burley Griffin--it's just beyond the trees. Albert Hall is near the end of major renovations. The back is painted and paved, the front still isn't. Inside is complete, with brilliant new lighting in the style of the era it was built ie 1920s.

Part of the little black dress exhibition.

Looking from the stage down to half the hall of exhibitors.

A stall packed with goodies.

80s felt dress hat with velvet band, 50s black tapestry handbag, 70s Glomesh shoulder bag with black enamel and gold detailing. I always find it rather fascinating how items from any era can work together if there is at least one binding element--in this case it's the colour black.

Some sellers have a cute creative knack!

Beautiful 60s crepe and lace empire waist formal dress.

An enticing collection of formal bags.

You know me by now--I can't help but spend time observing and being amused by the nature of an area. These obviously sensible magpies, thought it much easier to get breakfast out of the cigarette trough that had been lazily used for disposal of coffee cups and muffin papers. A few seconds later I heard the hungry cries of a baby magpie and walked over to see Mum feeding the big ball of grey fluff--photo below. As soon as she left, those hungry cries started again and I got the feeling this wasn't going to stop too soon! Neither were particularly scared of me.....just a delightful way to start Saturday morning!

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