Tuesday, November 30, 2010

At the market: old shoes new shoes

Fash n Treasure Canberra last Saturday:-
Not a big crowd --but it was thus great being able to spend time chatting to people about their loves. It was a thrill to meet a fashion blogger whose blog manages to score interviews with some great designers.
Called sneaky peek blog--it's an interesting read.

My highlight:--selling a red pair of All Stars in a size 13 to a male vintage lover who was thrilled with them--his shoes size says it all!

I love old shoes.
I love all the shoes I sell--they have character, they have the wisdom of age, they are a snapshot in time, and finding the right person for the shoes is as joyous as finding the shoes. I love seeing who buys what shoes--what their style is--how they think about things.

Shoes take us places, they protect our feet, they make us comfortable--But they can also transform our image. From such a small item comes such a large effect. A look can be completely changed by a shoe. Same as a hairstyle and glasses. I often am intrigued how something so little can have such a transforming effect.

I love old leather shoes especially. I love practical sturdy good looking shoes. If they can have a slight bit of quirk or interest all the better. New shoes often disappoint me. Vintage shoes are usually made better. The shoes moved with your feet. So many shoes now--they look stiff and with a mind of their own. People often look awkward in them like they are fighting with the shoe--like the shoes are to just sit on your foot as an ornament.-- a sculpture or decoration--not real. They seem to compromise on this and that--the style is way out you wear them out to a formal occasion only to have the heel fall off. How often have I seen this!

.....This is why vintage shoes and boots are a real treasure. But also why I was thrilled to find at the market, shoes that are made with excellent quality natural materials yet had an appealing modernity to them. They are made in Argentina--the home of great leather and artisan shoemakers.

So here are some shoes I had for sale--still for sale in fact....

From left to right: 40s grey suede and brown leather trim peep toe wedges, 80s/90s light camel nubuck leather longline lace up brogues with a flared wooden heel, 90s snakeskin pattern leather squared toe ankle boots.

These are circa 40s/50s bowling shoes in a perforated brogue style with wing tip and suede inserts. Wow! They are amazing- style and design really went into these....

Above are some shoes sold by Carajo of Argentina--a brother and sister duo selling bags and jewellery as well. Their shoes smell beautiful--on real leather, yes!, they are soft and supple yet strong, they are modern in the gladiator style, yet hint at Argentina as well. They use other wonderful natural materials such as canvas and cork and the leather insoles are not coated with synthetic so absorb your sweat readily. Josefina was ready to chat warmly about her gorgeous imports.

The next vintage fair I will be at is at Marrickville Town Hall on the 10th, 11th and 12th December--just in time for buying Christmas and New Year outfits and that unusual gift!


  1. I love vintage shoes.. they have so much more colour and elegance to it.
    I wish some shoe designers would get inspired by the 70's or 80's.

  2. I'm obsessed with vintage clothing, I feel like the clothes made today dont have the soul that the vintage era had. I'm an up and coming blogger myself please free to follow me and I will follow you as well

  3. Hi Lee
    Yes, I agree about the 70s/80s shoes. There were some powerful styles, designs and colours used then.

    Hi Kristy,
    Great that you like vintage--it's certainly becoming more accepted to wear it by the average person...as it should be. True about soul--I think there's little things that say soul--like the buttons not falling off after a few wears, extra stitching in a high wear area, zippers made of metal, and material that falls well and moves easily....I could go on!
    Oh and am following you!

  4. Hello pretty!
    I love vintage, too!
    I took a look on your blog and I think it's really interesting: I like so much the pics that you propose, so, you have a new follower!
    I hope you visit my blog, too!
    I would be very happy, if we could follow each other.

  5. Hello, sweetie!
    thank you for your visit and for following back.
    I'm happy that now we follow each other!
    see you soon in your amazing blog!

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