Thursday, September 16, 2010

A quick update.

Well, I must apologise for not updating this blog for a long time now. My computer gave up the ghost and so working on an old slow laptop was not easy and I tended to just do the basics.

Have bought another Mac just recently so will be ready to go again shortly as soon as I load some of my latest photos from last Saturday's Vanity Fair Vintage Fashion Market at the new venue of Paddington RSL Club.

For the first time in a new venue, it was a good turnup. We have some new dealers as well as most of the regulars. The venue whilst more difficult to load stock to, will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer and obviously in a hub of activity in Paddo's main street, Oxford Street.

What also has passed was the 2nd Fash n Treasure market in Canberra. It poured nonstop from buckets that day and the wind blew fiercely.... from the antarctic I think!.... no...I not really a great market day but amazingly Canberra's fashion enthused crowd came along. Packed full with sellers of all sorts, more food variety and a rugged up crowd it was still fun and great for buying and selling.
One great thing about the colder weather is you can make good use of those fantastic winter jumpers and coats and use layering to it's best effect--often more fashion fun that a too hot summer's day.

I will be spending the next month reorganising a lot of my working stock and getting new stock ready for my stalls at Mitchell Road Antiques and Design Gallery, the next Paddington Vanity Fair and the famous and huge Canterbury Vintage Clothing Jewellery and Textiles Show. This last one is on at Canterbury Racecourse in Sydney in mid October, and is probably the largest vintage fashion fair in the southern hemisphere. I will be posting more about it in coming days.


  1. Hi Liz,

    Great to hear what you have been up to. Would love it if you could post a calendar of where you will be showing your wares.

    Look forward to some pics.

  2. Hi Dark Lady--promise will do that this week--a good idea!