Friday, September 24, 2010

Amazing Mt Wellington, Tasmania September 16th 2010

Enchantment on Mt Wellington, Tasmania.

This was last week when my husband and I spent 3 days "getting away from it all" in Hobart, Tasmania. We love Tasmania and have visited regularly over the past 16 years. It's wilderness is like no other--you step back in time in so many places--and by that I don't mean hundreds of years or even thousands--I'm talking millions...before man. This is physical and natural history that thousands of years of human habitation has not changed into a different place. Aboriginals inhabited this land for thousands of years but did not adulterate the land the way European man has in the blink of an eyelid. I digress...

Mt Wellington stands like a sentinel to the city of Hobart. It is both welcoming and powerful. It is majestic, sensual, everchanging, calming and embracing. This mountain makes Hobart and is like a magnet to me, and I know to many others. Once mesmerised by its beauty you cannot ever remove it from your psyche. It is inspirational, rejuvinating and enriching. The minute I saw it I was smitten.

Below are some of many beautiful photos I took that Wednesday in Hobart and on Mt Wellington when a cold(er) snap came up from the Antarctic bringing a gale force wind to the summit area and transformative snow.

Sometimes I wish I was a designer so I could use natures colours, patterns and textures for inspiration. Come to think of it I do use it to select out items for sale---both fashion items and decor.

The Derwent River from the Botanical Gardens entry--looking south. Hobart is situated on the Derwent. I like the skeletal pattern of the still leafless exotic trees against the blue sky.

Mt Wellington from Queen Street Sandy Bay. Turn the other way and you face the Derwent. Hobart is a very historical place and I love the way so many old houses have not yet been either demolished or changed. There is a respect and acceptance of how this is by the people there.

The drive up takes about half and hour--this is about half way up when the first dustings of snow were happening. It's a fairyland really. We are lucky here in Australia-- most of our high altitude plants keep their leaves on for winter. This allows for amazing and artsy patterns when the snow falls on them and gives an almost cosy feeling to the place.
On the summit. Brrrr.... and lots of black ice to slip on. We jumped out of the car for about a minute to take a photo of each other then back inside for some home made slice and to just look out.
Lichen covered granite boulders at the top and ground cover plants allow for wonderful colour, pattern and texture. The telephone tower allows a touch of reality.

I was loving the tricky vanishing patterns the strong winds were making with the snow on the road. If only I could've taken a video.

This is like a river of boulders just down from the top in a very exposed area. I wonder what incredible forces were at work here over time.
The above two are in the same area as the boulders. I think this plant is a Richea. The olive green with the white is a gorgeous contrasting combination. The Eucalypts don't grow tall on the exposed parts of the mountain due to extreme cold and forceful winds. Many of them lean in one direction because of this. These plants can be hundreds of years old even though small.

A few hundred metres down and it's quieter, gentler and possibly one could say prettier. The trees are taller and the forest is totally enchanting. I love the colour patterns of the bark.
Blechnum fern--so pretty with the snow.
Tasmanian Pink Mountain Berry plant.
Not sure what this plant is but I loved the star shaped leaves which then made this enchanting picture with the snow on top.
Hope this wasn't overkill for you to look at.


  1. I'm planning a Tassie trip - this just makes me want to go even more!

  2. Wow looks great, I didnt know it snows in Oz!!

  3. just beautiful

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments :)
    Yes, surprisingly it does snow in Oz! Parts of the mainland of the states of NSW and Victoria receive snow every winter... and we even have ski fields!

    Dark Lady--if you want to try some amazing food and drink--try and go over the new year period for "A Taste of Tasmania" in Hobart. Held along the waterfront it's a great atmosphere there day and night with lots of entertainment as well. It's when all the Sydney to Hobart sailors are in so some great eye candy too ;)
    Oh, and the raspberries are to die for! And cheap! Tassie also has some talented, unique and fabulous artists and craftspeople to check out. Should I be employed by Tourism Tasmania?--ha ha.