Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sydney Vintage Clothing Jewellery and Textiles Show

I was so busy at the fair last weekend that I did not have time to take decent photos and when I did it was more to grab some food and drink and check out the other stalls. I have included one photo of one corner of my stall below. I managed to get a dressing area in which was a godsend. The floral fabric you can see is a 50s bedspread, and is divine. The material has flecks of shine in the weave and there are little tight frills at the joins. A friend wanted to buy it to make dresses out of and I told her she couldn't. Some things are just out of bounds for destruction IMHO.

The best dressed in vintage competition was held on the Friday night. As always it was a great fun event although not as many entrants as in the past. Not sure why, as there were so many walking around in vintage that would have done themselves proud had they entered. I have some photos of the men's division winner. I have also added a photo of the last fair and some of its contestants--namely my sister and her friend. My sister is wearing our mums 50s day dress and her accessories. Have you noticed the famous Dame Edna Everidge there?

To look at these photos you would think...hmmm, not many of the young crowd there, however I can assure you there was--more and more are coming to this sort of event as they become free and confident to create their own style, and know they can buy good quality items at very reasonable prices.

The next Show will be held April 2011. As always it will be the 3rd weekend, the 15th, 16th and 17th April. Make the date in your diary--it will be massive as always!


  1. Love the gorgeous blue (silk?) dress and matching necklace.

    Seeing all the hats on your stand (which looks terrific, do you have anything in a dark blue or navy felt or similar winter fabric? I wear hats everyday and am struggling to find something in this colour.

  2. Hi Dark Lady
    Not sure about the silk but knowing this lady it probably is. She has collected since a teenager in France.

    Funny you should ask about navy and dark blue hats! They are so popular atm--well, hats in general-- and those two colours. I did have some but they've sold and they prove difficult to find as well.
    I love seeing the blues with casual jeanswear--it takes the level up a little and looks super smart. And if ever teamed with a red blazer--well...I love that!
    I don't know where you are but I will be at a 3 day fair in Canberra in 2 weekends time at the Albert Hall.