Monday, October 4, 2010

Sydney Collectibles and Antique Fair Sunday 3rd October

Here are some photos what I had for sale yesterday. I sell a diverse variety of things:-

1. Because there isn't much I don't have an interest in in some form or other. One thing leads to another to another. The more I learn, the more I want to learn. Easy to do with the internet at hand! (Ohhh, but very time wasting--oops I meant time consuming).

2. Because the ancient saying "don't put all your eggs in one basket" still applies. I have always managed to make stall fees and some sort of profit even on very quiet days.

3. There are so many different people out there with the most amazing variety of interests and I love meeting them and catering to their taste.

60's small aluminium stovetop coffee maker on the top. Never used still with original sticker. Could probably be used for warming milk too.--or most anything.
These are the coffee cookers whereby you grind the beans, boil water in this cooker--enough for how many cups of coffee you want, then add the coffee grinds--bring to the boil again--this will happen quickly-- then promptly take it off the stove and pour into your cup. Add some pure cream and you have the most delicious cup of coffee ever! My mother used to make these coffees often, esp as a treat on weekends with a home made torte.

Green tin Australian Kande brand spring loaded one handed sifter. Have a look at the trouble they went to with the fancy writing. This is my favourite colour green and is the basis of most of my collections, homewares and decorating.

Here is some mostly 60s wares apart from the aluminium 3 tiered canister. This one is 1930s/40s and has a green bakelite handle and green painted metal labels which say scones, biscuits, cakes. These canisters are a really clever and practical idea I think--just as much at home in today's kitchen. They keep things together, look good and are airtight. Perfect for the popular industrial/rustic country look.

More great old kitchen wares. As you can see I love kitchen wares and kitchenalia. But I especially love the way they are all just as useful and interesting to look at today as decades ago. Most of those are 1930s-50s apart from the Arnott's commemorative mug. It's probably from the last 10 years or so. Hmmm but it's reminded me of how Arnott's biscuits don't taste as good as they used to. So many of them I don't buy anymore.

Owl collecting is very popular and I know this would please someone immensely. It's a 60s/70s era canister--mostly these were used for storing biscuits or sweets in an attractive way--great for enticing kids--but so very much fun just to sit there. This will go into my stall at Mitchell Road Gallery this week.

Some 50s/60s Australian pottery pieces on the top shelf and pretty floral dishes on the bottom.

Ahhh, delightful in their prettiness are these plates, especially together like that. These have decreased in popularity the last 2 or so years. They used to fly out the door--now hardly anyone even looks at them. The shabby chic look only hangs in there with the true lovers of this style.
I find people can take time to work out what their real heartfelt decor loves are, and until they do they will drift in and out of what is seen to be in vogue, what their friends have or what's in the latest magazines. But that's a good thing to go through these phases. And well really, we can all get sick of seeing the same thing all the time.

Some 60s/70's modernist pieces. They would enhance and sit well in any new interior with their streamlined looks and neutral colouring.


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