Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mitchell Road Gallery---4th Birthday and revamp

Mitchell Road Antiques and Design Gallery in Alexandria, the place I adore and have stalls in, is 4 years old this month, and is slowly but surely having a revamp. Not too much--the general flavour, brand points and feel of the place needs to stay but it just needed some painting, tidying and a little more visible interesting promotion.

Things that have happened so far:-
cleaning and tidying entrance foyer
painting foyer
2 new chandeliers in foyer
large stairwell light
display cabinets in foyer
new street signage
painting Mitchell Road frontage
insertion of photo prints of inside to window cells on road frontages
general tidying upstairs

Now just to get the cafe area going!

From a bland old non descript colour (above)....

...... to a bright rich burnt retro red (below). That's Emma by the way--she's one of our great stall holders and ready to help you on Sundays behind the counter.

The entrance foyer all painted up and display cabinets operational. (Stairwell not done yet)

The fantastic metal and industrial look of the old water pipe system looks great against the new red.

New chandelier photographed from below. Reminds me of a spiders web with dew drops hanging off.

New A-frame sign and flags, looking down Mitchell Road Alexandria--cross street is Fountain Street. Mitchell Road is lined with large plane trees and even though common they look fantastic all in leaf and cool the area significantly in summer.

One of the points of interest of Mitchell Road Auctions and the Design Gallery is the continuously changing "graffiti wall" on Fountain street. Geoff, the owner is prolific and artistic and who knows what he'll think up next. To celebrate Melbourne Cup week and racing season he painted on some race horses. It was so clever really--the further away you went the more realistic they looked.

The brand colour of Mitchell Road Auctions and Design Gallery has always been yellow--yes, it is bright, but no going back now as it's known as the "big yellow brick building in Alexandra". So the new paintwork had to be yellow again--this time slightly more intense. Those window cells were blocked off anyway, so Filip, our amazing steampunk craftsman, organised for large photo prints of inside views to be pasted onto the outside. These can be replaced with new photos when they wear out.

AND...being the 4th Birthday we need to share the joy with the public so there has been 10-50% off just about all items in the Gallery from last weekend. I am not sure when it's ending so come on in asap and grab that item you've been wanting for a while at a cheaper price.

Will post some enticing photos of inside soon!


  1. love the red walls! :) the chandelier is so pretty!


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